You've been to attendance courses, you've taken online courses, BUT have you ever considered CPD coming to you?

Fed up with travelling to CPD but still want the personal touch?

Bringing ECC CPD to your practice…

Convenient, top quality, practical, personal and value for money!


*** Winner of the Central Veterinary Society (BVA London) Centenary prize for best CPD talk 2014-2015 ***


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Musings at the end of an evening session on the General Approach to the Emergency Patient and Dyspnoeic Cats at  Wendover Heights Veterinary Centre  (30.3.15)

Musings at the end of an evening session on the General Approach to the Emergency Patient and Dyspnoeic Cats at Wendover Heights Veterinary Centre (30.3.15)

"Thank you very much for tonight's meeting. I think the team all took some good points away from the evening. We would be pleased to have you back again...We all admire your dedication to ECC and I think the whole concept of everything we do and why is thought provoking!  Many thanks again"


I set up and run the Veterinary ECC Small Talk project, including hosting the podcasts and continuing to grow the Facebook page, as a way of educating about small animal Emergency & Critical Care  with a major focus on the NON-REFERRAL/FIRST OPINION environment. This is where the majority of small animal patients are seen and this is where the biggest difference can be made.

I am highly passionate about promoting ECC best practice outside of the referral environment and somewhat uniquely placed in the United Kingdom to do this:

  • Unlike most UK ECC specialists I have split my ECC career between referral and non-referral practice both as a practitioner and as a trainer and mentor
  • I have written a book on small animal Emergency Medicine focused on the non-referral/first opinion environment
  • I have considerable experience in teaching both first opinion vets and nurses and interact daily with these colleagues answering questions via email and social media

Want to find out a bit more about me, including about The Ralph Site, my non-profit pet loss support resource? Click HERE, HERE and HERE.


You have no doubt been to CPD attendance courses and probably taken part in an online webinar, but have you ever considered this CPD coming to you?

I am now offering onsite ECC CPD to practices mainly in the southern half of England BUT may be able to travel further afield based on individual requests.



  • Cost saving: having CPD locally means less time away for staff (I do the travelling!), less need for locum cover, and savings on multiple course fees
  • Flexibility:
    • Date and timing to meet your needs including lunchtimes, evenings or full days, on weekdays or weekends; one-off session or a series
    • Format: traditional presentational style or we could for example discuss some of your ECC-type cases in a group discussion format.
  • Team building and bonding in a familiar environment: the CPD I provide can be suitable for vets, nurses or often both groups; this allows everyone to discuss topics in the same forum and ensures everyone is ‘on the same page’.
  • Appropriate for your practice: one of the problems with some ECC teaching is that it can be very interesting but entirely not applicable to your work environment! Do you have the equipment mentioned? Can you run the tests mentioned? During my CPD sessions we can discuss all this to make sure you get the maximum benefit from the course.
"Thank you for the cpd last night, everyone really enjoyed it and learnt a lot!"
(Seers Croft Veterinary Surgery, 30.4.15)


Essentially anything within the Emergency and Critical Care remit (that is quite a broad range isn’t it?) but we would discuss beforehand to make sure the subject is well suited.

One of my main focuses is on teaching about what I call the core principles or fundamentals of ECC“Let’s save some lives and make patients feel better”:

  • How to approach the emergency patient: major body systems (primary survey), secondary survey etc.
  • Parenteral fluid therapy
  • Analgesia
  • Oxygen supplementation

And/or how to apply these principles to a whole host of specific disorders; here’s five for starters!

  • Tomcat urethral obstruction (Blocked cats)
  • Gastric dilation-volvulus (GDV)
  • Cats (and dogs!) hit by cars
  • Various poisons
  • Septic patients
Onsite CPD promotion 1


Practical knowledge, experience and expertise
Computer and projector for presentation
Banter, chat and a smile!

Notes are available on request but will typically only be provided electronically (got to save some trees!). Printed hard copies can be provided for an additional fee.

Notes can also be made available before the session for your team to prepare in advance.

Petcare Clinics staff waiting for pizza before an evening CPD session at the pub across the road from one of their practices! (24.6.15)

Petcare Clinics staff waiting for pizza before an evening CPD session at the pub across the road from one of their practices! (24.6.15)


"Thanks very much for yesterday - had great feedback from the team and we are all looking forward to next week." (Petcare Clinics, 16.6.15)


People to attend – as few or as many as you like, I don’t mind! (Charge is per hour not per person)
Suitable space and seating – either in your practice or in an external function room (or someone’s house if you prefer!)
A power source and a wall or screen to project on to (for presentation sessions)

What do you think? Why not GET IN TOUCH FOR A CHAT to see if this might be something for you?

If it is, then we can talk terms.

"Thanks for the talk last week, everyone enjoyed it and we are already using the info with our fluid patients." (Vets4Pets, Northampton, 12.5.15)

Get in touch using the Contact form or email


Re. CPR training: "I just wanted to say thank you for this week - there has been really great feedback; the general consensus is that is was really worthwhile and people enjoyed the practical aspect. It's great to have everyone on the same page with current recommendations." (Grove Lodge Vets, 1.7.15)

"Thank you for coming out, we all found it very informative and will definitely alter the way we approach CPA." (Park Veterinary Centre, 26.11.15)

Jerry and Fluffy, CPR mannikins

Jerry and Fluffy, CPR mannikins


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