Dog and Cat Amputees: 'Tripods'

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On this episode of the podcast I am joined by Rene Agredano and Jim Nelson of TRIPAWDS, “the world's largest support community for animal amputees”, to discuss how we as veterinary staff can be better prepared to help clients with dogs and cats that are either facing or have had a limb amputation.

After some background discussion of the Tripawds resource, we discuss:

  • Ethical and moral considerations carers may have around amputation
  • Steps carers can take to prepare for their amputee dog or cat returning home for the first time
  • Client concerns about when their pet will be normal again, pain management, and the surgical incision

The following links were mentioned in the episode:

Tripawds - Help For Three Legged Dogs And Cats

The Tripawds charitable foundation

Tripawds on YouTube

Tripawds Downloads

The PBS Show that Rene mentions, “Why we love dogs and cats”

The Tripawds blog by an ECC vet: Hank the Tank
(backstory for Hank the Tank)

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