Physiotherapy in the Critical Inpatient

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On this episode of the podcast I am joined by Kim Sheader (MSCP HCPC ACPAT Cat A, Chair ACPAT, RAMP), Chartered Veterinary and Human Physiotherapist, to discuss physiotherapy for the critical inpatient. Kim is a highly qualified and experienced physiotherapist and currently works with The Ralph Mobile Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation service.

I start by finding out about Kim’s background, training and experience in human and more recently veterinary physiotherapy. We then go on to discuss:

  • Physiotherapy for the critical patient with prolonged recumbency
  • Physiotherapy for the dog with moderate-to-severe tetanus
  • Respiratory physiotherapy, a subject about which Kim is especially passionate

To contact Kim please email her at or message her via The Ralph MPRS website

Kim and Kev (Musson), one of her many adorable patients!

Kim and Kev (Musson), one of her many adorable patients!

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